About Bill Rister
Professional Background:  With more than 20 years of experience working as a CPA, Bill Rister is a man you can trust.  As a principal and founder of William E. Rister & Company, Mr. Rister has set out to provide accounting and financial advisory services with special emphasis on business planning and valuation.  Mr. Rister serves numerous business clients of all sizes, from small companies in the early stages of formation and growth, to large corporations doing business both in the United States and abroad.  Bill also works closely with attorneys in the field of business litigation support.

Mr. Rister’s commitment is to personal service in a team-oriented, advisory setting.  Over the last twenty years, Bill has developed close working relationships with highly-qualified professionals in the fields of law, banking, and insurance.  Very often, a business or individual’s financial or tax needs can be addressed most effectively by organizing a multi-disciplined team from each of these professions and working in concert on the problem.  Bill often serves as a facilitator in organizing such teams.

Mr. Rister is a frequent speaker on a variety of accounting and valuation topics for the Texas Society of CPA (TSCPA), the El Paso Chapter of TSCPA, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Texas at El Paso.  Bill is an Accredited Business Valuator having written “1998 AICPA Professor/Practitioner Cases"  selected by AICPA for publication and use in instructional university programsMore recently, Bill has been engaged to develop valuation estimates of a wide variety of business entities.  Bill currently serves on a technical advisory committee to the Illinois Chapter of CPA’s, the organization that developed the CEA courses in business valuation for the AICPA.

Personal Background:  In 2002, Bill and his wife, Jill, left their long time home in El Paso, Texas to move to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.  Bill is an avid outdoorsmen who enjoys skiing, sailing, hiking, cycling, and fishing as well as spending time with his two grandchildren.