Business Valuation
As a CPA accredited in business valuations, Bill can assist in arriving at an objective opinion concerning the estimated value of an ownership interest in a business entity at a given point in time.  Business Valuations are performed for a variety of reasons:
  1. Selling/Buying all or a partial interest
  2. Dissolutions, mergers, recapitalizations
  3. Divorce
  4. Buy-sell agreements
  5. Stockholder/Partner disagreements
  6. Gift, estate, inheritance
  7. Charitable contributions
  8. Obtaining financing or new equity investors
  9.  Litigation:
  • Breach of contract
  • Lender liability suits
  • Lost business opportunity
  • Business interruption

For more information regarding Business Valuation or to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, please contact Bill at 1-866-494-7990.